Our First Meeting

It was really great meeting all of you together yesterday for the first time. You all seem to have some really great ideas and unique perspectives. Before our next meeting, post some of your ideas here as replies to this post. Don’t worry about whether your idea is workable or not. Let’s get as many ideas out there and then start narrowing down the best of them. If you don’t have a clear idea for a project, post a message about your interests and/or a population you’d like to help. We would like everyone to post at least one reply before our meeting next Thursday.

-Your Co-Directors

15 thoughts on “Our First Meeting

  1. Gilecia Dias

    I like the idea of setting up a buddy system for kids in the orphanage/shelters where we could meet every Saturday and work with them.
    -We could ask students or even the library to donate books to read to children
    -help with home work
    -teach them something new
    -take them to the museum
    -Make “I Care kits” with combs, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. for homeless people.
    These are just a few ideas; we can discuss further details when we next meet. I am also interest in anything that has to do with taking action against hunger.

    1. Kunjae Shin

      My idea is tutoring poor children in our society.

      In my country, Korea, It’s hard to find students who does not get tutoring.

      Of course, it’s because of overheated ardor for study. However I do not think the goal for tutoring is bad idea that student who want to catch up their study get extra help to others.

      I know how tutoring is important but too expensive here.

      As students, teaching study to others is so effective way to valunteer.

      We can take advantage of our status that we are college student and can use our empty classes in our school.

      I think it is win-win strategies for both! Our students and children who has low financial status and need tutoring

      Also, we can take advantage of that we are from many other countries.

      That is why I think, at first, select children who have hard time because of financial problem and also need to learn foreign languages. Then, students who does not interested in foreign language can choose other subject what they need such as Math and English.

      It also can be good for advertisement of our school, Westchester Community College in good way

  2. Brenda Lopez

    Hello Everyone!

    I really don’t have a set plan or idea of how to help the community I’ve chosen. However, I am interested in working with the immigrant community. Immigration is an issue that personally affects my family, people I know, and myself. I am open to all ideas or suggestions.

  3. Richard Brown

    Hi guys, well here is my idea. I was thinking we could find a group home for senior citizens and partake in doing game activities with the lonely senior citizens. This way, these lonely senior citizens can have more enlightenment in there lives. Maybe we can incorporate doing a short film where we like video record the fun moments of us doing activities with them so as we go forward in our life, we would all have a piece of visual of fun moments in life. I feel like as some people get older, you get the unfortunate ones who just gets thrown in a senior living home with no family for social interaction. with our guided help, we can restore any empty spots they have in their lives.

  4. Anastasie

    I would like to work with children, who have a lack of financial, educational and even emotional support. I really like the idea of the mentoring program, which I have mentioned last meeting and which Gilecia addresses. Therefore, it would be nice to work on a mentoring program, to help to lead children and teenagers to navigate them out of their day to day struggles. I wanted to do as well a “buddy” program, in which volunteers from WCC building one to one relationships with the children, to provide for the children consistent and motivating adults in their lives. My goal is to reduce the number of drop out children and to encourage them to strive to achieve a higher level of education.

    Mentoring: – to be a friend, helping them with school homework
    Field trips: theater performances (Shakespeare, etc), museums and other cultural events
    Events: sports events (soccer groups/practice) or Physical fitness programs, Graffiti free streets (removal and improving of neighborhood), “how to eat healthy” events, teach them how to recycle by creating a “green day” event

    It would be nice to get some feedback. Every suggestion is important to improve the ideas 🙂

  5. Anastasie

    Hello Richard,
    I had something similar in mind as a second idea. Maybe we can sit together tomorrow to discuss.
    I have talked today to the senior citizen home and will have an appointment with the volunteer office in the beginning of next week. Have already many ideas, which we could compare. Eventually, if you like you can join me on this day for the appointment.

    1. Richard Brown

      sure I can join you, I just need to find out the day of the appoiuntment. Perfect… look forward to discussing it with you forward in the meeting today.

  6. Shehada Zyoud

    My idea is smiler to Anastasie’s and Gilecia’s ideas . Im thinking about raising money to buy school supplies, such as bags, pens, books etc for kids who in need for it. We can try to get donation from WCC and other sources. Also I am a member of nonprofit organization called PCRF stand for Palestinian Children Relief Fund. what this organization dose is bring children to the USA for medical care that cant be offered in their own countries. We can get involve with them in some of their actives, Which can be very nice to get involve in helping kids from different countries.

  7. Kevin Carpintero Bernal

    Hello everybody!

    I have one idea that might be a solid project!

    My idea is related to education. I have been following the work of Professor Mitra, a Newcastle University professor of Education. His proposals challenge the school systems and the way we thought children learn. Hereby are some videos of his recognized projects.


    He already has a curriculum known as “SOLE” in where a professor is simply a guidance, and the students are somehow their own teachers.

    Further research must certainly be done in order to locate a realistic “population” nearby and to evaluate the complexities that the project might include. I will be trying to contact him to seek advice. Moreover, based on his discoveries, it would be interesting to try to adapt his project and curriculum here as a Kathryn W. Davis project. All this while we add some of our creativity to perhaps improve and create a unique project!

    See you tomorrow!

  8. emeka okeke

    I am planning to work an a project that targets city youths in ways that keep tem off the streets, keep them engaged in sports and educative programs that will improve their lives, keep them off the streets and help them become better communicators.

    1. Lesly Sandoval Lopez


      I have contacts of heads religious organizations/churches and community organizations in the Bronx that may be able to help in your search for a location/venue/space to set up your project.
      Let me know if you want to pick my brain.


  9. Christelle Dorce

    Hi everyone!
    Just as Richard said, working with senior citizens would be a great project. My idea is more toward senior citizens suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. I am in constant contact with this group of people at my job, and know how lonely they can feel. I also saw how happy they can be when they are doing things they like.
    Doing activities with them, talking about their life, spending a little time to connect them to the evolution of our society, can make a huge difference in their daily living and mood. I would be glad to be part of a project that has such impact.
    I am also opened for any suggestions.

  10. Nadine Brown

    Hey all! I have briefly mentioned my idea to a few members already but i figured i’d post so I can get feedback/critique. My project idea is somewhat two-fold- part service, part “creating change”
    Hospitals in the Westchester area have a need for donated supplies to provide to assault/ rape/domestic violence victims who go to the ER for treatment following an incident. We could create kits (travel sized toiletries, T-shirt and sweats for change of clothing etc) assembled from donations. Our donations could come from Target , walmart etc and we can set up donation boxes on campus, in our local churches etc so the community can get involved. We can also include in the kits, fliers of local agencies that provide free follow-up services (counseling, legal advice, social services etc). The second part of my idea is to identify local streets that are not well lit and to lobby our local officials to change that by replacing lightbulbs in lamp posts and to install lamp posts where needed. I feel there are many areas in westchester neighborhoods by train stations and bus stops that are poorly lit, thereby increasing the likelihood of a late-evening mugging/assault. Anyway, I will share more at the meeting and take suggestions!

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