Room changes

Hi everyone,

We have secured some bigger rooms for most of our meetings. Unfortunately, we will not be in the same place every week. In general, we will be using GTW 110 or GTW 226 if one of them is available. When both are booked, we will use GTW 232, and we have one meeting scheduled in the Davis Auditorium. All meetings have been updated on the Calendar with the correct rooms and the speakers whom we have scheduled so far. Just click on the entry to see the details. Remember, you can subscribe to the calendar in your own calendar software by using the links at the bottom of the Calendar page.

See you this afternoon!

-Prof. Trickel

2 thoughts on “Room changes

  1. Lesly Sandoval Lopez

    Hello everyone:

    I mentioned my interest in doing financial health/wellness presentations to youth goups in high schoo and minority community organizations. The purpose of these workshops is to disseminate important financial decision-making information to high school youth who are getting ready to graduate and, thus, enter a higher education phase of their life or a possibly exercise the option of a trade school or straight to work. As well as to reach out to minority communities that would not otherwise have access to information on how to adequately protect their families in case of illness, death, lose of income and other natural uncontrollable life occurences. Life does happen, whether we like it or not, and defintiely whther we like it or not!! Also, some of the types of information we will be talking about will deal with , setting up emergency fund accounts, the importance of insurance (rental, house, life, auto), planning a college fund if you plan to have children, beginning to think about planning for retirement years, long term care (think nursing home, home health care for illness, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.) ) Not fun, but a part of life. Do you want ot be a ward of the State if you fall ill in your retirement years, or would you rather have a choice as to the quality of care you receive and from WHOM!!! We will cover areas of financial literacy such as how to ake and save money, as well as how money really works!!! It is a fun workshop/presentation with a lot of very practical and useful information. Brenda Lopez and I are very motivated and interested in making this happen. If any of you would like to hear more about it, let us know. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to maximize the impact we can have on our communuties. The goal is to tailor the workshop as age appropriate for the high schoolers to be able to relate to the information and for the minority, possibly language challenged , community to feel empowered and in some control of their future.
    See you guys later.

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