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Westchester Community College is beginning to work with the Tarrytown and Ossining school districts on a grant intended to support English Language Learners and their families in middle and high schools in their districts (called Project ExcEL, a summary is attached attached here). The administration in the two high schools has expressed a real need for college students to act as tutors, both for ESL and for other academic subjects. They said that tutoring could take place at the high schools during the school day or after school. They would prefer bilingual tutors, but are open to all tutors.

Anyone interested in taking on this project? I know one group was thinking of a tutoring/college prep project. Would this fit your plans? Post your comments here.

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  1. Patchadapa Pattarapanasakul

    Our group is interesting in this project .I downloaded the document from attached link,but not sure should I contact dirently to Laureen Avery, or do you have other contact person.
    Thank you so much for the information,

  2. David Rowland

    My group and I are thinking working with Neighbors Link


    Our mission is to provide services to immigrants from different parts of the world that aren’t privileged to many resources due to their financial and economic reasons. Therefore we created a variety of programs to offer to these immigrants in order to help them adapt to the cultural structures of the American society. We came up with a plan to not only help them teach the English language through the ESL course, but also engage them in various activities that can be beneficial to their daily lives. For example, we will be offering nutrition classes that can help them learn to maintain a healthy balanced diet. In addition, we will involve the participants to a fun and engaging exercise routine so they could further maintain their healthy lifestyle. Our program also offers classes that will teach basic computer skills. Aside from these classes, we will be simultaneously running a program directed for the children so that the parents who come to take these classes can feel free to drop them off under a safe and educational environment. The program will consist of engaging activities such as arts and craft, face painting, and many more. Throughout the program, we would also like to offer series of motivational speeches and workshops that can guide these people to set goals and achieve success in their lives.

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