Welcome 2015-2016 Cohort!

It was really great meeting all of you at the interviews over the summer and many of you last week. You all seem to have some really great ideas and unique perspectives. Before our next meeting, post some of your ideas here as replies to this post. Don’t worry about whether your idea is workable or not. Let’s get as many ideas out there and then start narrowing down the best of them. If you don’t have a clear idea for a project, post a message about your interests and/or a population you’d like to help. We would like everyone to post at least one reply before our meeting next Thursday.

7 thoughts on “Welcome 2015-2016 Cohort!

  1. Daqwan Chisolm

    Inner city youth who fail to see the value of education. This is something i myself had to be helped with in the past and would be great to figure out if we can aid others.

  2. Treshana Jonas-Hyatt

    Westhab after school program for kids is an organization I would love to work with to implement a lesson plan or a program that would help the children in many ways, whether it’s a lesson based on diversity and culture or a reading program, something like a book club.

  3. Iva Grbesic

    Hi everyone,
    I came here as an Au pair, and I would like to inspire young people that don’t have a lot of opportunity to travel and see the rest of the world to consider this program that is active around the globe.
    I would love to share my experience and I know there is few more Au pairs in this big group that could do the same.
    To live, work and go to school abroad is really an amazing opportunity for anyone. (for one – two years)
    It really changes your life. You expand your horizons, meet new people and even learn a different language.
    I’ve meet a lot of young people in this college who are smart and beautiful in every possible way, but stuck with no inspiration. Life goal is find a steady job and that is it.
    That is all great.. BUT.. I’ve also seen what traveling has done to some people who are now definitely more happy and inspired.
    The idea is to make a presentation and give a lot of informations from first hand..
    inspire inspire inspire..
    Thank you 🙂

  4. Natasha Morrison

    I would like to work with the homeless and improving their quality of life. I go to the city very often and seeing people beg for money and sleeping on the street kills me inside. If it were possible I would like to work on housing for the homeless but that may be too grand an idea for this.

    1. Joseph Baviello

      Improving the quality of life of homeless individuals is an excellent idea. Perhaps you could organize food and clothing drives with several local businesses such as grocery stores and clothing shops. Furthermore, we all have an opportunity to assist homeless shelters who are in need of more faulty in their facility. Once contact is established with the shelters, we could guide the homeless individuals who may not know of the shelter’s location.

  5. IFUJA Ellie

    hey natasha i like the idea, i work as a volunteer in my community. we feed the homeless and give them clothes. this program is run by the church that i attend, we do this every saturday. maybe you should try to contact local soup kitchen in your area and see .

  6. Brulinda Frangaj

    I would like with women and/or immigrants. I think that as a woman there’s a lot of potential to be discovered in every woman out there and I would love to work with a group of people (possibly immigrants) who need to improve their skills, and their living conditions and opportunities.

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