Let’s start brainstorming ideas for community service projects and/or populations you would like to help. Use the Comment section at the end of this post to write your ideas. Comment on each other’s posts as well.

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  1. Kwabena Amo Asare

    Hello Everyone, I am Kwabena Amo Asare but its ok for you to call me Kobe. Its been great meeting u guys and being part of the group.It’s been quite an experience already with the trip to the Prospector theater which was amazing and the lecture on Art which was truely informative and an eye opening experience. Whilst I may not have interacted with everyone yet, I have spoken to most of you guys and I truely believe we have a special group this year who would go on to do great things and make a difference in our community if we form groups that makes use of our individual strengths to complement each other than just basing it on interests. I have an interest to work with kids, the old,charities and various health care homes or facilities and I am open to proposals . To this end, I have a proposal to volunteer for a non profit organization in Yonkers called the AFYA Foundation.Afya collects and delivers critically needed surplus medical supplies, hospital equipment, and humanitarian provisions for acute and ongoing health crises worldwide. Afya recovers surplus medical supplies and equipment from healthcare centers. Each year, American hospitals discard 7,000 tons of usable medical supplies. Since 2008, Afya has recovered $26 million worth of these critical supplies.Each year, hundreds of volunteers donate a combined 20,000 hours of service to sort, inventory and pack the recovered medical supplies.They have worked with public health services in 56 countries worldwide. I have contacted their volunteering co ordinator who is open to the idea of a group to volunteer with them in the short term with the possibility of setting up an awareness group/ club at Wcc to supply a constant stream of volunteers to them to help them carry out the great work they do. Anyone with an interest in this and more ideas to make this better is invited to make their contribution and share their ideas.

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    1. fbrit53965

      Hi Everyone, my name is Felipe Brito and initially my idea was to do something to help the environment. My idea was to volunteer for a non profit organization in Rye called Friends of Rye Nature Center (FRNC), which promotes conservation, environmental education to the public, and access to nature year-round. There may be other environmental education programs out there in Westchester County to consider, so if anyone else has the same intention to lend a hand to the environment please let me know. Ever since I became a Kathryn Davis Scholar however, I told myself to be open-minded. After hearing Kobe’s idea of unteering at the AFYA Foundation, I have become very interested in supporting their mission. I also love working with kids and the elderly, so I think this would be an excellent place to get started where we can truly make a difference. I want to thank all of you for sharing these unique experiences we’ve had so far, and look forward to what awaits us for the future. I hope others share their unique ideas, so that we can work together to make effective changes for our community.

  2. Lorenzo Marrese

    Hi Everyone!

    So far this experience has been amazing. I haven’t been able to completely get to know everyone yet, but I can confidently say all of you are incredible and ambitious people. It is such a privilege to be able to meet all of you and to have a chance to work closely with some of you. I look forward to this project and to see the projects that everyone will come up with and work on. As for a project I would like to work on, it would be really special to be able to work with children who have special needs. We could work with organizations or programs and see what need they have and what we can do to help. From there we could build a project. In all, I am looking forward to hear everyone’s ideas!! Please feel free to add to this idea!! See you guys Thursday!

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