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  1. Wellington Mackey

    Food insecurity, as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture is “the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways.” It is estimated that 1 in 6, or 50 million Americans have experienced food insecurity at one point or another. This figure includes 1 in 5, or 16.2 million children. These statistics are astounding in a country which boasts an annual per capita income of $47,020. Food insecurity has become a growing epidemic in the U.S. especially in recent years following the Great Recession of 2007. It is sometimes easy to turn a blind eye to the problem of food insecurity because its results are not quite as striking as the images we see on television of starving people in far-away places, however, food insecurity has wreaked havoc on families right within our own communities.

    As community scholars we feel that it is time to bring a keen awareness of this issue to our campus. We want to educate our fellow students about the root causes of this epidemic, and formulate solutions. We realize that this is not a problem that exists a continent away in Sub-Saharan Africa, but that it resides right here in our classrooms and lecture halls.

    Here is a list of the broad objectives of our program:

    – Gain Experience in Emergency Food Distribution

    Our first task as a group is to educate ourselves about food insecurity so that we can articulate its root causes. It is also important for us to gain experience in emergency food distribution. We will be volunteering with local organizations such as City Harvest, Part of the Solution, Food Bank of NYC, Food Bank of Westchester, Move for Hunger and others to gain this experience.

    – Establish a Functionally Integrated Food Bank:

    On Campus
    We will be working with “Single Stop” on campus to organize effective procurement and distribution of food items to those in need within our student population.

    In The South Bronx
    We will liaison with Temple Beth El in the Bronx to help establish their food pantry as a recognized agent of Food Bank of NYC.

    – Establish an Awareness Campaign and Food Drive on Campus

    We will coordinate our efforts with Dan Ratner who is Director of Operations at Move for Hunger and also with the Student Government Association on campus to institute what we hope will turn out to be an annual food drive and hunger awareness week on campus.

    – Produce a Mini Documentary
    We would like to document our journey as we become more familiar with this issue, meet new people and be allowed to share in their story, and forge exciting new alliances as we combat food insecurity.

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