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Service Project Idea

Westchester Community College is beginning to work with the Tarrytown and Ossining school districts on a grant intended to support English Language Learners and their families in middle and high schools in their districts (called Project ExcEL, a summary is attached attached here). The administration in the two high schools has expressed a real need for college students to act as tutors, both for ESL and for other academic subjects. They said that tutoring could take place at the high schools during the school day or after school. They would prefer bilingual tutors, but are open to all tutors.

Anyone interested in taking on this project? I know one group was thinking of a tutoring/college prep project. Would this fit your plans? Post your comments here.

Our First Meeting

It was really great meeting all of you together yesterday for the first time. You all seem to have some really great ideas and unique perspectives. Before our next meeting, post some of your ideas here as replies to this post. Don’t worry about whether your idea is workable or not. Let’s get as many ideas out there and then start narrowing down the best of them. If you don’t have a clear idea for a project, post a message about your interests and/or a population you’d like to help. We would like everyone to post at least one reply before our meeting next Thursday.

-Your Co-Directors